Organized by Jm

Your Journey to an Organized Home

Home Organizing

Our home organizing services include decluttering, downsizing, categorizing belongings, and implementing stylish storage solutions to create an aesthetically pleasing space customized just for you.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient Clutter Management: Our team will streamline and declutter any area of your home, maximizing efficiency and functionality throughout.
  • Customization: Personalized organizational styling tailored to your specific style, habits and
    routines and lifestyle.
  • Stress Reduction: A well-organized and aesthetically pleasing home environment can contribute to reduced stress levels and an overall sense of well-being.
  • Improved Productivity: Establish streamlined daily routines that minimize wasted time and
    contribute to a more organized and productive lifestyle.

Who Is This Service For?

  • Homeowners looking to revamp their living spaces
  • Businesses wanting to refresh their office environment
  • Individuals in need of a change but not wanting a full redesign
  • Anyone interested in quick and effective space transformations


$110/hour – 2 organizers
+$45/hour – per additional organizer

Additional Details

The Process

Step 1: Remove all contents from the space
We always say, “it gets worse before it gets better.” The first step in organizing any space is to remove every last item from drawers, cabinets and countertops.

Step 2: Sort + Categorize
Belongings are categorized based on type, use, or frequency of use to provide a clear overview
of the contents.

Step 3: Edit
Here we determine what to keep, re-home, donate, or discard.

Step 4: Style
Incorporate organizing product that fits both the space and the contents. Containment is key.

Step 5: Label
A helpful reminder of where things belong, making it easier to keep a tidy space for long term

Ready to change your life?

What Our Clients Are Saying

Emilia Balicki
Emilia Balicki
Seriously… you need Jess and her team in your life! They have done wonders for our home and thereby our mental health! We initially hired them for packing, unpacking, and organizing when we moved into our new home and it was worth every single penny. We loved them so much that we had them come back to do a kitchen/pantry refresh for us after living in our new home for a while. I don’t know how they do what they do, but they are miracle workers! Everything is so thoughtfully and efficiently organized, and we feel like our lives are so much easier and simplified because of the amazing work they do. We can’t wait to have them come back and help us with more projects in our home!
Natalie Mendez
Natalie Mendez
Jessica and her team are simply the best! They have a way of knowing how to make everything work. The process is so easy most of them time I meet with them we come up with a game plan and I leave and come back to an amazing house!!! If you do anything this year for your mental health and your home book with Organized by JM!!!!
Kristin travis
Kristin travis
Had the best experience with Organized by JM. The whole crew was so nice, fast and efficient. They made me feel so comfortable, helped push me a bit into getting rid of things that made zero sense for me to keep. My entire basement is so organized beyond what my expectations were hiring them. I will definitely be using them again for other projects.
Catherine Alsford
Catherine Alsford
Absolutely the best investment anyone can make for their home and mental health. The team was just as fun as they were professional. I trusted them alone in my home as well as with my pets. Originally planned for one area to get organized and ended up having every square inch overhauled. I cannot recommend Organized by JM enough. My life now has order and direction instead of exploding chaos.
Erin Grinstead
Erin Grinstead
Jessica and the entire team at organized by JM are the upmost professionals. We have been using Organized by JM for 3 years now, and most recently on a move from New York to South Carolina. They are fun, creative, and flexible. They helped make our move go as smoothly as possible and kept my stress to a bearable level. It’s so nice to have organized spaces in our home and helps with overall stress and anxiety management. They have even helped us to let go of items we no longer need by finding duplicates, gently encouraging decluttering, and even taking things to donation centers for us. I highly recommend Organized by JM and will definitely be bringing them back to SC to help in the future.
Karen Russell
Karen Russell
Just wonderful, my life is so different now. The organizing techniques are fantastic. I have learned a lot about organizing, my real needs, and making my home the best place to live. KEH
Jenn Olsen
Jenn Olsen
Jess & her team came in to organize both my kitchen (which lacks a pantry), and my entryway hall closet which doubles as a cleaning closet (broom/swifter/vacuum). I work a very busy schedule - and to come home to the work they completed while I was away was a breath of fresh air! They took the kitchen space I do have and utilized every corner and nook! I’m so very impressed & am already trying to find time for more rooms for her team!
Michelle Terpstra
Michelle Terpstra
The most amazing team ever! They unpacked and organized my entire 4000 square foot home with smiles. Such a pleasure to have them help me. Worth every penny and more!
Kelly Gentile
Kelly Gentile
I hired Organized by JM to help me organize my kitchen (including pantry) and our son's playroom. Jessica and her team exceeded my expectations. They were responsive, on time, and estimated the job accurately. I have a smaller kitchen and, what I feel is awkward use of cabinet space. The girls were able to help me cleanup and reorganize my everything. It now feels like every inch is utilized to its best ability and capacity. I used to feel overwhelmed and anxious in my kitchen. Since Jessica & team were here, I actually enjoy it and even cook more! It is amazing how much a person can thrive off of just being organized. The playroom is also a more enjoyable space and cleanup with my son goes quickly & smoothly. I would definitely recommend Organized by JM for your organizational needs and I would hire them again for any future needs. Thank you so much!
Jennifer Plail
Jennifer Plail
If you want to change your life, hire these ladies!! Amazing work. I’m so enjoying the fruits of their labor!